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Copycat Killing

Copycat Killing - Sofie Kelly Welcome back to Mayville Heights! I hope you brought your umbrella, boots and a rain slicker. It's been "raining cats and dogs" for days. There is flooding all over town. The local artists' co-op has a basement full of water and our favorite librarian Kathleen is helping her friends move their work to higher ground in case the water continues to rise.

All the artwork is saved but one artist isn't as lucky. Mask maker Jaeger Merrill is found drowned in the basement. The death doesn't look accidental to Kathleen. Detective Marcus Gordon is on the case and Kathleen along with her fantastic felines just can't help themselves from assisting him in any way they can. Owen and Hercules use their magic to help "unmask" the killer.

Dollycas's Thoughts

These magical felines continue to steal the show! Hercules and Owen are truly special characters. Kathleen handles their powers much better than I would. All the characters are continuing to evolve. Heck the good detective may even get a library card in the next installment. Kathleen has definitely made herself at home in Mayville Heights. She has taken falling for a guy to a new level and finds something startling from Roma's past. And when Kathleen and Maggie get together there is never a dull moment. (Watch out for flying rodents!)

I especially enjoyed this story because of the history featured that creates a mystery inside of a mystery. The town is getting ready to celebrate the library’s centennial with a very special showcase of the groups that have met at the library over the years. One group was doing more than most people knew and some journals from Rebecca's mother are discovered that hold several secrets.

Well written, carefully plotted, a little romance and a bunch of humor. A purrfect cozy mystery!