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Dying to Read

Dying to Read - Lorena McCourtney Cate Kincaid's life is not turning out as she had hoped. Her career, her social life, even her haircut is a mess. After several dead end jobs she is again unemployed. She decides to go to work as an assistant for her private investigator uncle. How hard can it be? It will at least tide her over until she finds a "real job".

Her first assignment is a simple one, find a current address for a woman. Instead when she reaches the most current address on record she finds a "hungry horde" of mystery readers and a dead body. This is definitely not a dead end job but for Cate's sake hopefully the last dead body.

Dollycas's Thoughts

This was a fun and entertaining cozy filled with major amounts of humor.

Cate is a total klutz that sometimes leans on her faith to get out of the tight situations she gets herself into. Answers to prayer sometimes made these tight situations conclude to quickly and too neatly but the story was well paced. The mystery was great and the suspects were many. It seemed everyone Cate ran into ended up on her suspect list but it did add to the laughs in many cases.

My favorite character of this story was frisky feline. Octavia, a fat white cat whose is deaf and she has lost "her person". Amelia is found dead at the bottom of the stairs and the cat is clearly distressed. She also is a cat that Cate ends up taking home because Amelia's niece wants nothing to do that "spoiled rotten mongrel" "who leaves cat hair on everything". Octavia is one intuitive cat and needs the perfect someone to be her new "person".

The ladies of the Whodunit Book Club are all very unique as well. I hope they return in future installments.

Mystery, quirky characters, small town setting, with a hint of romance, all the elements of a great cozy mystery.