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All Fudged Up

All Fudged Up - Nancy CoCo Allie McMurphy is taking over the family business but first she has to do some major renovations and make sure her plans for the grand Victorian meet the approval of the Historical Committee. You see this place is one of Mackinac Island’s most beloved landmarks.

Before she barely get started she finds a dead body. The deceased is Joe Jessup, a man who had a feud going with Allie’s grandfather forever and everyone knew it. The police think this makes Allie a prime suspect and that fudges up all of her plans. Instead of getting ready for the grand reopening she has to clear her name and catch the real killer.

Dollycas’s Thoughts

Wow, what an awesome debut!!

Allie is a terrific protagonist and a very determined woman. She is focused on her task and no one is going to stop her. Even those on the island that call her a “fudgie”, meaning she isn’t one of them because she only spent summers there growing up. She needs to earn everyone’s trust and respect so they know she is there for the long haul to bring the McMurphy back to the way is was in its heyday.

The author adds a great supporting cast starting with Charlene, the crazy emergency dispatcher, to Frances Wentworth, who worked for Allie’s grandfather for years and came along with the business, to a fluffy white puppy named Mal. There are also a group of local that are the most unwelcoming group I people I have ever read about. Thankfully I have been to Mackinac Island and know that is just for the story or maybe there are only super nice to tourists. :) We will see as the series continues if Allie can continue to win them over.

As I said the story takes place on Mackinac Island, a truly beautiful place. It is also a place rich in history and the perfect setting for a cozy mystery series.

The mystery plot was very interesting with a plethora of suspects in addition to Allie. I suspected the whole cranky bunch.

Warning: Yummy fudge recipes are interspersed throughout the book. I hope Nancy puts them all up on her webpage. That’s the problem with foodie cozies. I don’t know if I should keep them on my regular bookshelf or in the kitchen with the cookbooks.