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Pearls and Poison

Pearls and Poison - Duffy Brown With her strong opinions and knack for getting into trouble, Reagan is not an ideal volunteer for her mother’s alderman campaign. Plus, she’d rather be running her consignment shop, the Prissy Fox, and eating doughnuts with her dog, Bruce Willis. But when her mother’s opponent, Kip, is found poisoned and her mother is pegged as a suspect, Reagan nominates herself as lead murder investigator.

Reagan is intent on finding Kip’s killer and clearing her mother’s good name, but she soon finds herself on the bad side of Kip’s enemies-turned-suspects. This time, no amount of costumes and makeup can keep her inconspicuous and out of danger. Because the closer Reagan gets to the truth, the hotter things get…
Dollycas’s Thoughts

Another winner from Duffy Brown!!

These are some of the best cozy characters out there today. Reagan and Aunt Kiki are pure treasures. Boone continues to grow on me and he is starting to grow on Reagan as well. Judge Gloria was a little more mellow this time but then she was the prime murder suspect so she was “watching her p’s and q’s”, except she was “helping” at the Consignment Shop. Reagan exercised extreme patience with her mother. I don’t know how she did it :)

While this story is full of Southern charm it is the dialogue that makes this story stand out. When these characters communicate the reader can almost hear the words like they are right there in the Prissy Fox or running around with Reagan chasing down clues and ducking danger.

The political plot worked really well except I wouldn’t ever expect a judge to want to be an alderperson, but maybe that is the way things work in Georgia. Dirty politics is always a great jump off for mysteries and this one had plenty of twists to keep us guessing.

Great characters, wonderful setting, a believable plot, southern charm, sassy dialogue and humor all add up to make this one fine cozy.