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Thread End: An Embroidery Mystery

Thread End: An Embroidery Mystery - Amanda Lee

Dollycas’s Thoughts

Never a dull moment in Tallulah Falls. Marcy finds her way right into the middle of another investigation. At least this time Marcy or her mother is not at the top of the suspect list. In fact this time Ted and Marcy really team up to find the truth. Their relationship in really evolving in so many ways.

I absolutely love Angus, Marcy’s Irish Wolfhound. I would love to enter the Seven Year Stitch and be greeted by that wonderful dog. Her is so smart and evens obeys a very special visitor to Marcy’s shop. He is such a smart dog and a perfect companion. He graces the cover of the books and I wish I could just reach in a give him a big hug.

This mystery takes a real turn the will leave you thinking. How far would you go to help one of your children? Would you do something you know is wrong if it would allow you to do something right?

As always Amanda Lee has given us a fabulous story. She has introduced us to a few new characters. One who could be very important as the series continues.

Our favorites return as well. Marcy’s mom, Beverly, may be back in California but they stay in touch as much as they can. Mom’s need to be able to share advice and wise words no matter how many miles they are away from their children.

These stories are so much fun to read. I highly recommend them to all cozy lovers.