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The Place I Belong

The Place I Belong - Nancy Herkness, Shannon McManus

Dollycas 19s Thoughts

She did it again. Nancy Herkness continues to write books I quickly find myself lost in. This whole Whisper Horse theme touches me. I wish I had a whisper horse!!

All the main characters in this story are broken. Hannah was blamed for something any caring person who have done and the man that is supposed to love her turns his back on her. Adam had a very rough upbringing and his self esteem is lower than low. He tries to escape into his work but knows something is missing. Matt just lost his mother and is sent to his father, a man he doesn 19t know at all. Heck Adam didn 19t know about him either.

Herkness has written a wonderful story that is more than just a romance, these three people are almost reborn as they are surrounded by the caring community of Sanctuary, West Virginia. Don 19t worry, there are a few steamy romantic scenes too.

The author paints pictures so easily with her words. I could easily see all three of stories as movies. I love this escape!!