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Designer Dirty Laundry

Designer Dirty Laundry - Diane Vallere Dollycas’s Thoughts

What do you do when you show up for the first day of your new job and find your new boss dead? Well I would turn around and run as fast as I could, but not Samantha Kidd. She faints while someone else calls 911. Then she becomes the prime suspect due to the killer’s master set up. Not the new life she imagined for herself…she has no choice but to turn her fashion trending talents into sleuthing talents before she loses everything.

Such as entertaining read. I immediately fell head over heels for Samantha Kidd. Everything was stacked against her and she did not give up. She had no idea who to trust and was being hounded by a mortgage company to verify her employment and the police who were determined to find her guilty. Her inner dialogue and outer antics were hilarious.

The story is very well written with a tight plot and a quick pace. There were several potential suspects and I was completely surprised when the killer was revealed. Seems Samantha and I missed the same clues 🙂

I really enjoyed the fashion/department store backdrop. The author brings her life experience into the story and it shows her passion for the field.

This story will put a smile on you face and maybe even have you laughing out loud!

I am excited to continue reading this series. Is there romance on the horizon for Samantha? What is next on the job front? I can’t wait to find out.