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What Maisie Knew

What Maisie Knew - Henry James, Carroll Cartwright, Nancy Doyne I wanted to read the book before seeing the movie.

The subject matter is so relevant today. A member of my family is going through a divorce with custody issues being the main issue with one parent using the child to hurt the other making it painful for all involved. I thought reading this story would give me some insight as to why people do this.

While the story is wonderful it is a very difficult read and that frustrated me several times. I would find myself putting it down, almost giving up, but I wanted to see how everything played out for this poor child shuttled back and forth between her parents. The story does show that children know more than we think they do about the things happening around them.

As I fought my way through this book there were some beautiful and meaningful tidbits but I found myself mired by the writing structure. There were so many long sentences that seemed to go nowhere. Reading the story was very hard work. I almost felt like I was searching for buried treasure within the pages. I have read other Henry James novels, The Portrait of a Lady and Daisy Miller, but that was some time ago and I don’t remember being this frustrated with his writing.

Now I truly can’t wait to see the movie so I can see how the story was adapted for today’s modern audience. I hope that it will not only be relevant and entertaining but easier. I had the feeling several times that I had to read this book, like for a school assignment and I was so going to flunk the test.