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Forever Beach

Forever Beach - Shelley Noble Dollycas’s Thoughts

Sarah Hargreave grew up in the foster system, in and out of foster homes. She didn’t find her forever home until she aged out of the system and met a wonderful man who ran a clock repair shop. Sarah has brought Leila into her home and doesn’t want her to go through what she did so she starts the adoption process. The biological mother has signed off her parental rights and Sarah is just waiting for the adoption to be finalized. Then the bio mom changes her mind and the court grants her visitation. This is not the first time this has happened and Sarah knows it will be a huge step back in Leila’s progress.

Ilona Cartwright also grew up in the foster system but she was adopted by a well to do family. She and Sarah were just like sisters and it was so hard for them to say good-bye. They promised to stay in touch but Ilona “Nonie” didn’t write to Sarah and Sarah was devastated. Ilona did go to law school and she does works fighting for the rights of children. Can Sarah and Nonie get together to provide Leila a forever home?

What a moving story! A picture of the foster system and the adoption process. They do go to great lengths to keep families together but there are times that the child needs a new family. There are a few dark and scary moments but they show us both sides of these issues.

I found Sarah so interesting. Her life was in her hands and she met a man with a huge heart and no agenda or shifty plans. She made the decision to stay with him and he became like a father/grandfather to her. It took a long time to trust him and she still has huge trust issues. She doesn’t let anyone get to close to her or Leila because things could fall apart at any time. She does have “friends” and a man that would like to be more than “friends”, but she has put up huge walls to protect herself and her heart.

These characters are natural and believable. This story becomes a huge story of friendship and self growth. Building relationships, trust, and trying to forgive. Superb writing!

The story is also set in an amazing place. Near the beach, there are several shops, most more touristy than Clocks by the Sea. The funny thing is Sarah can’t swim and hates the water. The beach is a great meeting place and she is fine planting herself in a chair under an umbrella while Leila builds sand castles.

I really loved this book. It was a wonderful escape. The cover looks like is definitely belongs on my blog. If you need a beach read this summer this is a perfect one, to sit back, put your toes in the sand and enjoy! My definition of Paradise!