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Killer Choice

Killer Choice - Tom   Hunt Dollycas’s Thoughts

Beth has glioblastoma, the same kind of cancer as John McCain has and Beau Biden had. But for Beth there is a cure, she just needs to have her baby, fly to Germany and have $200,000 to pay for the clinical trial care and other expenses. Beth and her friends start a funding page and calling friends and family. Her husband Gary receives a phone call offering him the full amount but he has to kill someone. Yes, it is a Killer Choice, but he decides to do it.

There was something just really off to me about Gary. Yes, he wanted to do anything to save his wife, and clearly, he was not thinking straight, but the way he accepted the offer and carried the act out just didn’t hold water for me. He came across to me as a very weak individual. He rubbed me the wrong way from the start and by the finish I really disliked this character.

The plot follows the murder and the aftermath. The viewpoint shifts between Gary and Otto, the drug dealer. After a slow start, the story picks up the pace but to me, some of it was pretty predictable. There was one moment I was totally shocked by an occurrence and near the end, things got pretty exciting.

Beth’s part is the story was minimal and never really delved into her treatment or the birth of her child. There could have been added drama here. She never became real to me. Maybe as a woman reading this story I need more of this to become engaged by her character.

Hunt has been compared to Harlan Coben, I am a huge fan of Harlan Coben, so I truly expected to love this story, but for me, it just missed the mark.